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Historically alcoholic drinks and cocktails were served with Brunch and we want to bring back this tradition. In our research to open Brunch & Cocktails we found the history of brunch to be inspiring.

Actually most people believe that Brunch started its routes in the US, but technically that’s not true.

Its origins actually started in the UK back in 1896 where punch magazine referred to Brunch as a Sunday meal for Saturday night carousers.

In the UK it also became popular for Church goers who would have a more substantial breakfast after church and in the military served at weekends extending breakfast to 3pm.

Brunch hit big in America in the 1930’s via actors making their way across the country from New York to California by train. During these publicity tours for their upcoming movies, they would stop in Chicago for this beloved meal. It’s midday timing allowed them to sleep later, which was an especially exciting selling point. These trips generated some if the most famous cocktails still drunk today.

Brunch’s biggest push, however came during a massive moment of progress for women in America. When women entered the workforce, they needed a break from cooking and pushed the family to start going out for a meal on the day they would generally sit around the table as a family – Sunday.

Brunch is our favorite weekend meal, and we’re not alone. But its become much more than that now, seen as a real social activity that isn’t just tied to the weekends. Brunch has now taken off all over the world, and meeting friends, family and colleagues is as popular now as it ever has been.

Not just any old Cocktail Bar in Sitges

brunch and cocktails a cocktail bar in sitges

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